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Botswana is now following the rest of the world in decling to accept the South African National passports at their borders, below is quoted from an email communication sent out by SA Express:

South African Home Affairs has reported that effective 1 April 2013, Botswana will no longer accept emergency travel documents for routine visits to the country.

In a diplomatic note to international governments, Botswana’s government said, ‘The Republic of Botswana wishes to communicate a notice from Immigration stating that travelers using emergency travel documents will not be admitted to the country for routine visits.’

Only those travelling in circumstances of an emergency will be permitted entry using emergency travel documents.

These documents will be issued to South Africans travelling for death, sickness and other emergencies which will have to be supported by relevant documentary proof.

Home Affairs spokesperson, Ronnie Mamoepa, says travelers to Botswana must make the necessary arrangements to acquire the appropriate documents.

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