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Believe this story happens all to often in South Africa when operators get greedy and have little regard to the basic safety of their clients and the children as a whole:

He received R192 044,60 every month from the department and admitted that he made use of subcontractors to transport learners.

The vehicles belonging to another service provider operating in Warrenton, Jan Kempdorp and Hartswater, had expired roadworthy licences on most of his buses.

Invoices submitted to the department amount to R562 076 during April and May 2012.

Instead of making use of eight vehicles as stipulated in the contract, he was only making use of one.

An inspection at his house in August last year revealed that there were no vehicles parked on his premises, except for a red Honda and that he did not possess a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP).

The operator indicated that roadworthy tests were done at a private testing station in Kimberley, although Jan Kempdorp is equipped with its own testing station.

The dossier detected a breach in the service level agreement signed on April 22 2012.


It is time the operators become accountable and transparent, there is a brilliant platform that has been created by Travpaq to do just that – create transparency and accountability between the educational institutions and the suppliers. The platform is called ‘Edubus‘ – where institutions can sign up and view the operators documents live on the system, they are vetted by Travpaq and give the institution reliable trustworthy operators that value the life of the clients and the clients children. Stop the scams and gravitate towards a system that holds the operators accountable and keeps them transparent.

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