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Selene Brophy reports (2013-08-21 09:53) world-renowned, Great White Shark expert Chris Fallows has an undeniable passion for marine wildlife. After she attended his latest talk one thing is clear – the oceanic by safesaver” href=”″>reserve just off our False Bay coastline is a remarkable terrestrial environment. The Great White Shark is an endangered species due to overfishing and contentious drumlines put up for our safety. Getting up by safesaver” href=”″>close and personal with this supposed rogue of the ocean will utterly blow your mind. The most shark-infested strip in the ocean found just off the coastline of the fishing village of Kleinbaai – known as Shark Alley. But it truly is more than a haven for thrill seekers. Marine Dynamics, together with the Dyer Island Conservation trust, are involved in some unique conservation and research programmes.

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