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Orion will become part of Lindblad and launch operations as of March 2014 itineraries. Lindblad Expeditions is US-based small ship expedition company. They partner with the National Geographic Society. Sarina Bratton, founder of Orion Expedition Cruises in Australia was looking to take her company to the next level. Both have a strong pro-environmental hallmarks, including the desire to protect the ocean environment. They also share destination expertise., and shepherd travelers on various excursions toward life-changing experiences. Orion was a pioneer in Australasian expedition cruising. Lindblad is known for its expertise in destinations like Arctic Svalbard, Antarctica, Alaska, Baja California, Galapagos, and the Amazon. Lindblad currently owns five ships, including the National Geographic Endeavour. Adapted from Andrea M. Rotondo on March 18, Fodors Travel Intelligence.

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