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  • Remember Rocky Street ?
  • Melville ?
  • Greenside?

Seems the new *kid* on the block is Maboneng. Must say from what I have heard, seen and read about makes the whole idea very exciting. The last weeks or so I have been through town and beyond a few times, one of the most recent trips included a wonder through Hilbrow, Yeoville, Rocky street, Bez Valley and onto the hi way.  Wait I am not that old hey however it did seem like the late nights in Rocky street were yesterday. We have an awesome city with so much potential and I am excited to see many people heading back to town and people there making excellent use of the space and the area – I see the old post office in town is going through some refurbishing ? Is this true – we restoring some of the beautiful buildings in town ? That is excellent news.

To the drivers of Maboneng from a person loving town and the potential of it all I salute you, thank you for restoring the city, giving it a greener face and making use of some excellent facilities we have – the idea and the concept is huge well done! I am sure it is going to surpass the likes of Rocky street, Greenside and melville, my wish for you is that it out lives them all.

More info on Maboneng:

Maboneng, meaning ‘Place of Light’, is an urban neighbourhood on the east side of Johannesburg CBD. Maboneng is home to several independent retail, restaurants and entertainment venues as well as loft apartments, offices, hotel, a museum and creative factory spaces in an urban landscape.

Propertuity is the development company behind the Maboneng Precinct and with 33 buildings in the property portfolio, 7 of which are developed, we look forward to watching the neighbourhood grow.

Browse our site for more information on residential, commercial and industrial property offerings or click straight through to entertainment to search shops, restaurants, lifestyle offerings and event calendar.

You will see me there soon with more posts to follow :-)

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