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Meteora – Above the town of Kalambaka, on the north-western edge of Greece’s Plain of Thessaly, giant rock formations reach nearly 400m into the sky It’s a trip worth taking for the views alone. Balanced across 24 pillars are monasteries, visible through the clouds. Today, it’s a protected Unesco World Heritage Site. It is said that the first people to inhabit Meteora (Greek for “suspended in the air”) arrived in the 9th Century. They braved fierce storms and climbed up the cliffs with their bare hands. By the 14th Century served as shelter from Turkish invaders. Six of the monasteries are still in operation. The Monastery of the Great Meteoron, founded in the 14th Century by Saint Athanasios, is the highest, largest and oldest of the six. In the centre of Kalambaka, Hotel REX is perfect for exploring the town.

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