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The Pilanesberg Nature Reserve is justifiably my new favourite place on earth. We went up to Bakgatla last weekend for the long weekend and were certainly pleasantly surprised. Not sure why however not a great sun city fan and felt that this park was an extension of Sun city – you know like canned animals stuck in a small area for easy viewing, something like an enlarged lion aprk of sorts. Wow I am so happy to see how wrong I was. This place is superb, the animal viewing in the heat of summer was tough however the 18 hrs we spent game viewing in a few days and greatly rewarded. We saw only 3 of the big 5 however the swimming elephant we watched for over an hour certainly made up for this along with the dozens of other encounters we saw over the weekend. Found this site on my return home and wanted to share with you, it shows the previous days sightings which can certainly help your game viewing: http://www.pilanesbergwildlifetrust.co.za/sightings/index.html – thanx guys – may I suggest you set a sign with this address near the entrance of the park ?

The other thing I was worried about was the amount of people, well I guess we were there on the busiest weekend of the year and yes at times we were in a wildlife gawking jam however more often than not we found ourselves alone for km’s on end which was super!

On the accommodation side we stayed at Bakgatla which amply served the purpose along with a phenomenal breakfast, I did however find the chalets a tad cramped and barren, some gardening would go along way at this resort however the positives far out weighed this critical feedback, the staff were pleasant, the rooms were clean and we certainly got our money’s worth for the whole weekend and will certainly go back again!

Pack your binoculars and if you do not have any please invest in a set before going off!

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