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Henry Harper is an excellent source of assistance for anyone immigrating to South Africa and His latest newsletter explains the new changes coming for immigration to SA. Personally I think it is high time that regulations are set in place and improved on what we currently have. In the newsletter Henry covers many aspects and has an in depth look at changes and set out in an easy to read format:

Update on the Immigration Draft Regulations of 14 February 2014 and New application procedures to follow.

This newsletter has been compiled preceding the following events:

  • Workshop on the Immigration Amendment Bill with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the American Chamber of Commerce on the 23rd January 2014 o Main speaker – Mr. Ronnie Marhule, Director – Permitting
  • The Government notice of the Draft Immigration Regulations as issued on the 14th February 2014
  • Immigration practitioners meeting with The Department of Home Affairs Head Office in Pretoria on the 7th March 2014
    • Main speaker – Mr. Jack Monedi, Chief Director – permitting

Without going into too much detail and legal jargon, herewith the major changes that will affect most multinational corporate companies and businesses in SA. The new Draft Regulations propose the following:

The word “permit” will be replaced with the word “visa” – I.e. a General work permit will be referred to as a General work visa. The word “permit” will only be used in the phrase “Permanent Residence Permit”

You can read the full article here

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