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“The bus switched off twice and it did not drive well. You could tell that it was not okay. Passengers were angry and they told the driver to return. He did not object because it was him against many angry people. He stopped at the garage, and that was when we noticed that it had a flat tyre, and when we returned to Park station, the bus was tilted to one side as it drove,” he said.

Saw this article on IOL today and feel for the passengers – that been said good on them asking for the return to Park Station. This does make me ask though – you know that Roadlink has issues with their buses and this has been going on for some time, so is this a case of that it was expected ? And when it happened something was said ? Clearly they are operating on thin margins and cutting corners? So does the value of someone’s life change depending on the amount of money ones spends ? Here is what I mean, a bus ticket costs around R300 for a one way to Durban – we have 60 people on the bus means that trips value is R18 000. Now lets take a flight from Johannesburg to Durban – lets call it R800, the value of the flight with 200 people on board is R160 000, ok the operating costs are far higher however one routinely reads of ‘fuel dumps’ made by aircraft in dire circumstances or as precautionary measures. Dumping 60 000 litres of fuel can cost can run in excess fo a few hundred thousand rand – so with this in mind this would in turn mean a company would run that trip at a loss right, so it would be the ups and the downs,  what is the value of your life ?

So yes I am saying the company is wrong as to make a few thousand rand they will run 60 passengers to Durban on an un roadworthy bus ? Shocking really and sad – now to the consumers – why do you buy tickets knowing the reputation of the bus company ? Do you not follow the news or you understand the risk and you yourself need to save R50 so you don’t mind ? Or do you have no other choice ? I understand and hear that there are a few sides to the story and different variables for each of the consumers – share with me and enlighten me please so I can understand it better, good on you for making the bus go back!

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