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The Drakensberg, South Africa

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Travel to the interior of KwaZulu Natal, close to the border of South Africa and Lesotho, and you will see some of the most stunningly beautiful mountain scenery in Africa. This is where you’ll find the Drakensberg (Mountain of the dragon). It is a veritable backpacker’s and mountaineer’s paradise. You can either hike or climb to the peaks. Some relatively easy trails can take you to the top. The climbs range from easy to the most dangerous rock climbing in Africa. If you don’t have a head for heights you can stay in luxury in the foothills. You can enjoy incredible vistas of the mighty ‘Berg on foot, by car, or in a four-by-four. The Zulu name, Quathlamba, aptly describes these mountains as a Barrier of Spears.

Photo: The Pyramid and Column, by Henri Craemer

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