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By Traveleditor


Interesting how travel is fast becoming a supermarket product along with water and electricity. So how much longer will you stand in the que at Pick n pay? Pick n pay is certainly notorious for me in my book with lazy staff, have told them so before, coupled with long ques and taking time to check out – question should boil down to the phrase – should one not stick to their knitting ? Dealing with voyager can be a tad of a nightmare at the best of times and would one not pay online or at a bank ? So is this capitalism and greed at its best or simply clever marketing and partnering ? You have a store who would like to increase revenue so they add more products to the list (namely travel now) with voyager who has a tainted reputation in customer service and satisfaction as a whole selling / offering a service that is actually not needed ? So yes would be interesting how 2 efficient service providers join up – will this fly ?

Personally I think not – prepare for longer ques and longer wait time at the check out and more confusion when you check in at the airport – personally I don’t see huge value and sustainability in the program.

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